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Stockfree  > The word design is everything and nothing. The design and the product itself are inseparable. Strong design is based on strong imagery. Unfortunately, strong imagery requires a good photographer and that costs money. In the past we were

Before & After

Restoration of Black and White photo using Adobe Photoshop

How to Have a Superpower Memory

04 The Law of Success Lesson 4 THE HABIT OF SAVING


if you deem the data has know value , then you don’t need to maintain it. Security   Data Security is the process of keeping data secure and protected from not only unauthorized access but also corrupted access

6. IMAGINATION-how to stimulate it so that it will create practical plans and new ideas

5. THE “BIG SIX” how they made the law of the “Master Mind” yield them a profit of more than $25,000,000.00 a year

Law of Success – Lesson 1

General Introduction to the LAW OF SUCCESS COURSE By Napoleon Hill Dedicated to ANDREW CARNEGIE Who suggested the writing of the course, and to HENRY FORD Whose astounding achievements form the foundation for practically all of the Sixteen Lessons of


Teachings of the Buddha known as the Four Noble Truths, referred to as the dharma (protection): Life is suffering (suffering=rebirth) the cause of suffering is desire the cause of desire must be overcome when desire is overcome, there is no

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