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WPC-DCS Theory of Operation

The Grand Reason?

Whenever we contemplate on the works of the creation, how ready and cheerful ought we to be to adore the Almighty Creator, who has never left Himself without a living witness among men. From the earliest period of time, we

Powershell useful links

Useful Links Here’s our all-time favorite link list to other useful PowerShell resources! General Information PowerShell Team Blog: get first-hand information and news directly from the PowerShell team: PowerShell Magazine: probably one of the best quality resources you can

You tube watch list http://youtube.com–dXUmp0mA9ZcfEDg–dXUmp0mA9ZcfEDg

IPAddress Calculator

CIDR to IPv4 Conversion CIDR

What is that noise in your head (not tinnitus), literally in your head, that you can hear all the time, especially in bed when there are no other noises?

I have exactly the same. Its only apparant when I look for it with my awareness and then by focussing on it it becomes louder. When I shift my awareness away from it and concentrate on something else it disappears.

Which Mood enhancers actually work?

With the many mood enhancing supplements on the market today, it’s important to look at ingredients that have actual scientific studies supporting the claims. Some well-known natural mood enhancers with credible scientific research are: Kava Kava — Also known as

How to remove image grain from scanned photo

Duplicate image layer Apply gaussian blur to new layer (mine was 2.9 pixels, adjust as you desire) Set new layer blending mode to luminosity and adjust opacity to suit Flatten the image Unsharp mask to taste. I used 72% with

Winston Medium size

One of my first attempts at colorizing black and white.

Young Winston restoration project

a larger version